Used Trucks Salem Va. /  What to look for. 
When looking a Used Trucks, there are many factors to consider.
Do I need a full size or smaller truck?
Do I need a V8 for towing?
Do I need a 4x4 or a 4x2?
Do I need a Regular Cab, extended cab, access cab, quad cab, or even a mega cab?
Am I going to use the truck for work, for hunting, fishing or just to primarily haul people?
Do I need to fit car seats in the truck?
Do I need a newer, low mileage truck or a well used one?

Only you know how you will use your truck. Trucks will typically have a higher resale value than most cars. Higher mileage trucks can still demand good value in the used car market.
When you have determined what you really need, and have narrowed your list to a few options, be sure to take whatever truck you are looking at to a mechanic for inspection.
Many trucks are prone to rust in different areas. Dodge Ram, around the rear fender wells. Dodge Dakota, around the cab mounts. Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra, lower rocker panels and cab corners, and Ford F150's tend to have bed supports rust under neath. Toyota Tacoma's actually had a recall for rust in the frame. You have to check the Toyota frame thoroughly for rust, as they can literally break in half. 
You really need to get it on a lift to inspect for damage. Now if you are using it a work truck, or weekend hunting vehicle, a little rust is no big deal, so long as it's not in the frame.
If you are going to use it for date night with the wife, you probably better get one that looks good enough, that she will ride in it also.
At Competition Cars and Classics, we try to buy as many southern trucks as possible to avoid rust issues. However, even some southern trucks are prone to rust if used in environments where sand and salt are present. 
Competition Cars and Classics is your clear choice as a Used truck dealership!