Used Honda's for sale in Salem, Va./  Competition Cars and Classics is your first place to look for used Honda cars and SUV"s in Salem Virginia
We specialize in the Honda brand because of the reliability, reputation and vast array of vehicles Honda offers. 
 Honda has legendary reliability ratings and longevity! We love Honda vehicles and keep a great selection in stock. 
We have Civic, Accord, CRV, Fit, Ridgeline and Pilots! Low priced Honda cars, trucks and SUV's everyday! 
We don't mind selling a Honda with higher miles. They just seem to keep running! The Honda 4 cylinder engines are legendary for lasting hundreds of thousands of miles. 
The 1.8L engine is a very basic design engine and quite easy to work on. 
The real advantage is, you don't have to work on them very often. Very low maintenance cars! 
In the V6 engine, Honda has made a 3.0L and a 3.5L engine. Both are superb engines in power and durability. They live up to the Honda name! 
You are welcome to take any of our used vehicles to your mechanic prior to purchase for an inspection. 
Come and see why Competition Cars and Classics is your used Honda vehicle sales center in Salem! The closest thing there is to a Used Honda Dealer in Salem Virginia!