Used Subaru cars and SUV's for sale in Salem, Va. / We are the closest thing to a Used Subaru Dealer in Salem Virginia that you will find!
Subaru's all wheel drive system is legendary and the best thing out there for bad weather conditions, and year round driving. 
We carry many used Subaru's in stock including, Forester, Outback, Impreza, Legacy, Tribeca, and Crosstrek. 
Over 20 years experience selling used Subaru vehicles. 
If you keep up with maintenance, the Subaru is capable of incredible longevity!
The Subaru Boxer engine is a unique design and is legendary for it's durability!
Our knowledge and experience with the Subaru brand, will make your choice easy when shopping for  your very own!
When shopping for SUV's, you must add the Subaru brand to your list! The Forester offers a great comparison to the CRV or the Toyota Rav4. 
Standard all wheel drive, and great fuel economy. 
If searching for a sedan, the Legacy is an all wheel drive sedan that stacks up to Accord and Camry. The Legacy is an incredible car and you can drive in just about any weather situation. 
If you are looking for a first car for a young driver, the Subaru safety ratings are outstanding! Always one of the highest rated vehicles on the road.
The Subaru Outback is one of the most recognizable vehicles made. The Outback offer SUV versatility, yet drives like any other sedan. A great daily driver car with plenty of space, yet off road capable and rugged. . 
Whether you are looking in Roanoke or in Salem, you won't find a better selection of Subaru's or lower prices!