Used Hyundai cars for sale in Salem, Va./ Competition Cars and Classics is your used Hyundai Dealer of choice in Salem, Va.! 
We specialize in the Hyundai vehicle lineup! 
Hyundai provides a great selection of family cars, sports cars and SUV's!  Models include the Accent, Elantra, Sonata, Genesis, Tucson, Santa Fe, and new products coming out annually. 
Over 20 years experience selling the Hyundai brand! Hyundai is one of the finest cars on the market and always a competitive price! 
Hyundai has made a name for themselves by providing quality vehicles at very competitive prices! When comparing to the Honda and Toyota products, the quality, styling and reliability is a great value for your money!
 I trust the Hyundai brand enough, that I put my daughter in a Sonata as her first car! The safety ratings are outstanding. 
We are the closest thing you will find, to a used Hyundai dealer in Salem!